Since 2007, Bucharest is a SMART city only on paper. A special report made with the Digi24 Bon Ton team explains why our capital is at the bottom of the list of European cities, while Vienna has a strategy program for intelligent programs for the year 2050.

“We hear more and more often about “smart cities” and we would like to live in one. A city where there is respect for citizens, for the state or the environment. A place where transportation, schools, hospitals, or public institutions are perfectly interconnected in a system designed to make life easy and enjoyable for citizens. While Vienna has a smart strategy for the year 2050, Bucharest is one of the capitals that has fallen behind when it comes to intelligent strategies. “

“Unfortunately, with all the optimism that characterizes me, I believe that the only smart goal the city has ever met is the internet connection” – Bogdan Bănică- architect.

“Riding a bike or even a scooter is a very common means of transport in Europe and the more you go to the West, stopping in the Netherlands, you will notice that it has already gone to the next level I could say, having already built bicycle highways between cities. So people are willing to travel between cities on bicycles and not just inside the city “- Bogdan Bănică- architect.


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