Băcănia Veche redecorated in the Provencal style by Atelier507

“On September 24, 2010, on 49 Barbu Văcărescu, Băcănia Veche was opening, a space similar to a “home kitchen pantry” that meets customers with shelves jammed with sweets, compotes, syrups, zacuscă, spices, and many other goodies “just like home”. Last summer, Marius Tudosiei, the owner of Băcănia Veche, decided to have the place redesigned in the Provencal style, a rustic French style, refined, that keeps its authenticity. With this thought in mind, Marius began the collaboration with Bogdan Bănică, architect and founder of the interior design company Atelier507. A beautiful collaboration, and a beautiful result. From the very beginning, Bogdan Bănică (project manager in charge of the project) together with Marius Sîrbu (who actually worked on the design) tried to understand the expectations and both aesthetic and technical needs of the project in order to define the design. The challenge was clear: Băcănia Veche needed to have a space to display more products, in a rather small space – ground floor which consisted of 20 sqm each and a 10 sqm hallway, while maintaining its comfort and its pleasant and genuine appearance.

Following an analysis, the two realized that this was a redecoration of the space, and there was no need for a broad intervention. After setting up the design concept, which was immediately accepted, Marius handled the technical project and the budget, which at the end was respected with a 5% margin over the original budget. At the time of implementation, the goal was to keep that classic atmosphere, such as the story and authenticity of the space. Therefore, technically, no massive adjustments were made: we made small changes to the lighting system, applied a new finish over all the walls and over the ceilings and we kept the hardwood floor, being just restored. The same thing happened with the carpentry, the door frames, the doors or the windows – though old, the team at Atelier507 preferred to restore them, precisely because of the charm they bring to the place. Later, we replaced a large part of the furniture and used new decorations in the spirit of the grocery store. At the end of the project, after one and a half months, the effect was a major one. In addition to the aspect, the space has been used at its best – although there are several products displayed, although it has gone from a refrigerated display cabinet to three such cabinets, the workspace is just as comfortable and great. Better said, the initial challenge was solved and the story had a happy ending. Atelier507 is an interior design company founded in 2011 by the architect Bogdan Bănică. Among the Atelier507 customers are: Caro Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Cellini, etc. Currently, they are finalizing the Kulturhaus project and focusing on getting their office in Cluj-Napoca, newly opened on January 1, 2017, “up and running”.”

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