Year: 2016
Area: 80 sqm

From a business idea to a high-end brand with a space that fully reflects its character

When we started working on this project, Sereny did not exist yet. There was only the owners’ desire – with a solid business experience on international markets – to create a different jewelry store in Romania. A premium brand in a space that is strategically located in one of the most exclusive areas of Bucharest, right on Dorobanti Street.

We had to build from scratch both the brand itself and the space. With the support of a graphic designer from our partner team, the brand has begun to take shape and become Sereny.

At the same time, we even intervened at the construction site, rebuilding the ventilation and electrical installations. The space dedicated to the jewelry store was just part of a larger space shared with other owners, so it was a challenge to work on facilities so that others would not be affected (and vice versa) by their use. All work was done against the clock: for our clients, each passing day meant a higher budget allocated for rent, for a space still unused.

Then we reflected on the character and positioning of Sereny in the way we designed the shop: we chose HPL materials, textured paint, walnut veneered furniture with metal inserts, all in a pleasant contrast between blue and gold that would create the image of a sophisticated, refined premium brand.

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