Year: 2017
Area: 60 sqm

Turning a commercial space into an apartment

The advantage, when a commercial space has to be turned into a residential one, is the atypical partitioning of a regular apartment. Therefore, for the two rooms there are two bathrooms, one master bathroom and a guest one, a dressing room and a 3,4 m available height.

We took over this partly finished space in 2017 and we did not intervene much with regard to the construction. At the owner’s request, we decided to change only the place of the kitchen, which we moved right at the entrance to the apartment, leaving a larger space for the living area.

This is an apartment for which, the beneficiary, a confirmed bachelor at the time of purchase and decoration, wanted an industrial design that characterizes masculinity. We can say that the entire apartment is defined by this style: the exposed brick walls, the structural concrete of the building left exposed (pillars and beams), the lights characterized by the same style and the most interesting part – the hardwood floor that is not usually used, of solid oak, cross-cut, that formed, by putting the tiles together (3 in one direction and 3 on the other), a mosaic characteristic for the industrial halls of the interwar period.

For the bathroom we kept the same idea and decorated the walls with cork and embedded the cabinets in it.

For both the bedroom and the living area we only used the essential furniture, without unnecessarily overloading the space, and spiced up this minimalism with a splash of color in different shades, placed on all the doors.

At the end, we have achieved a design that highlights the “imperfections” of a style specific to factories, thereby creating a customized place, perfect for living, and combining the modern details with the industrial charm altogether.

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