Year: 2014
Area: 80 sqm

Chic and colorful apartment in a challenging space

When we started designing the one-bedroom Rose Garden apartment, we had a rather limited space in size and planimetry, which we needed to transform for the needs and wishes of a couple.

So we started by optimizing and making the most of the available space, by creating an approximately 50 cm deep library, which can be used both in the living room and in the kitchen as storage space.

One of the elements, but also one of the particular challenges of the living room was the transformation of the ceiling, which was 20 cm higher than the one in the hallway. In order to take the difference, we built a fake ceiling out of glossy fiberboard sheets on an aluminum structure, chained to the original ceiling. Also, for better lighting, LED strip lights were mounted on each fiberboard sheet. In the space left between the fiberboard sheets, we also have an indirect light that is remote-controlled.

In the kitchen we created a pleasant, warm, colorful, family space with the furniture – a sofa with storage space underneath it and a custom-made table – but also with special lighting fixtures, including one made from a gas pipe, LED strip lights and Plexiglas.

In the bedroom, both feminine and masculine universes can be found with the use of separate cabinets. The bedroom also benefits from a dressing table which has a counter top that rises to reveal a mirror.

The bathroom takes on the colors of the entire space. Here we used a metallic, decorative paint and customized furniture.

Throughout the entire apartment we used Iroko Cabala hardwood flooring, a tropical wood in Africa, an atypical essence for creating a particular space.

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