Year: 2014
Area: 123 sqm

Transforming a former butcher shop and stationery store into a luxury hair salon

The biggest challenge for this project was: the transformation of two spaces with completely different functions – a former butcher shop and a former stationery store – into one single space.

Therefore, we have taken down the wall separating the two spaces and built a split-level, a partial level that added an additional 50% to the space available. The design also involved restoring all installations – electrical, sanitary, thermal, ventilation, etc. – a relatively difficult operation because we were on the ground floor of a building and the installations passed through the wall that had to be taken down.

We designed the salon in an eclectic style that combines classic elements (the white flooring with black accents, the furniture pieces in the reception area, etc.) with modern elements (the lighting fixtures, the glass façade, the glass partition with LED strip lights). Also, we reinterpreted the way the interior staircase was made which reflects the eclectic style: the Nevada brick, usually a classic element, is placed next to a staircase on a metal structure, covered in wood PVC, in a modern construction with steps and risers thinner than a regular staircase.

The entire space at Beauty21 has therefore been transformed and adapted to a fundamentally different purpose than the previous one.

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