Year: 2016

Area (3D view): approximately 18 sqm

Reinterpreting the room concept of one of the most recognizable hotels in Bucharest.

The Caro hotel complex brought the urban-industrial concept for the first time in Romania. Built on the structure of a former glucose factory, we preserved the brick façade of the only building left standing after the Industrial Revolution, building around it the entire complex today.

Thus, a rebranding of the interior, more specifically of the rooms meant to accommodate the guests, was desired. The challenge was the very proposal of an interior design that broke the patterns of the classic design found in hotel rooms, aiming for the newest and most luxurious trends in the field.

In the proposal, we first wanted to link the exterior of the building with its interior, resulting in an industrial design with art deco accents. Then, starting with the bathroom, where the furniture is custom-made, and continuing with the rest of the elements, each of which had a decisive role in creating the concept. The hardwood floor took the place of the carpet, giving up the idea that the centerpiece of the room would be the TV, the viewer’s attention being focused on the two art installations: the first, located above the bed, is inspired by a sheet music, being a musical story of the hotel; the second, located in the hallway, was built based on the simple idea of a lego construction. Besides the decorative role, the second installation also has a practical role as a hanger and a closet at the same time. Another reason for integrating it into the concept was the need to achieve harmony and to make a smooth transition between the resting space and the bathroom, proposed as a separate room, its color being found both on the ceiling and in the structure of the installation located above the bed.

Finally, this harmonization of elements in an industrial design continues on the balcony with a wrought iron handrail, but without affecting the facade.

This hotel room has broken the classic design patterns and now adds comfort with a special visual image, characterized by luxury and opulence.

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