Year: 2016
Area (3D view): 182 sqm

Creativity and mix of styles in a particular home

From the very beginning, the residential space acquired by a young couple who reached out to us seemed to be a beautiful, open building, with good natural light and a beautiful view of the forest. Even if it did not have any finishes, the space showed an obvious potential: a spectacular roof, a fairly large free height and a mixed structure on the frames: concrete, metal and wood.

Although there was already a project for the house, we had the freedom to transform it in such a way that we could take advantage as much as possible of all the benefits of the space unfolded on an 80% open-space ground floor. Here we aimed to highlight the wood structure, but also to separate each area with furniture and lighting.

Therefore, the hallway is divided by a perforated patterned wall so that you do not enter directly into the living room, and delimited by the mosaic black and white floor tiles. The living room is marked by a warmer light, an effect that we created with Edison light bulbs.

For the kitchen, we proposed creating an island around the structure pillar, which we covered with furniture. The space combines classic design – brass handles, classic profiled fronts, marble countertop, etc. – with maximum functionality, through the generous storage spaces.

The dining area connects the living room to the kitchen and brings a mix of styles: industrial (lighting fixtures) and traditional (the solid wood tabletop with colored Plexiglas inserts with traditional motifs).

The home also includes an office area with a clock mechanism that decorates one of the walls and a library. Next to the office, there is a minimalist fitness room with rubber-finishes specific to gyms, resistant to shock and heavy weights. Here we also find a climbing rope, a mirror and other lighting fixtures, much stronger this time.

The bathroom combines several styles: a sink with a classic closet, brass handles, industrial lighting fixtures, classic-looking wall tiles and Moroccan inspired mosaic.

The Vuia House meant designing a great space and highlighting all of its assets.

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