Year: 2017

Area: 150 sqm

Interior design for Dr. Leahu dental clinic in 4 days

Bringing to the fore the brand of Dr. Leahu dental clinic was the idea around which we put together each element in the design process. This was one of the challenges, the biggest one being the actual project implementation which took place over 4 days.

In this project, the beneficiary wanted an improvement in the image of the brand, which would bring clients a different experience from that of a regular dental clinic. Uniqueness, luxury and excellence are the three defining terms for the new look of the space.

All the furniture pieces were custom-made, especially for this project, following the brand concept very clearly in terms of the chosen colors but also in order to illustrate the story. We chose to work with natural materials, such as wood, and made sure that the color accents were exactly the ones used in the logo, supplementing them with shades of gold.

The point of interest in this design is the front-desk which, in addition to the aesthetic part, had to be functional, which is why we equipped it with all the necessary storage spaces. Moreover, we came up with a few display spaces.

The opposite wall is a graphic representation of the story around which the brand of Dr. Leahu dental clinic was created, building on the idea that life is based on nature, aiming to bring the oak leaf to the fore at the same time, which is part of the logo design. This is how the idea of styling an oak came up, starting with the acorn, the seed, and ending with the crown, composed of lines meant to support the vegetation made of mosses. The heart of the tree is the actual brand logo, also stylized.

In the last part of the design process we have a playroom for children, created around the same idea of nature, with stylized mountains and animal line drawings. During the decoration process we integrated a few items found in the clinic at the time of taking over the project, such as clothing articles or items that belonged to famous Romanian sportsmen.

Implementing this project was a challenge in itself, proving us once again that we can overcome our limits when everything is done with and out of passion.

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