Year: 2012

Area: 450 sqm

A club – a Hollywood movie story

Coyote Ugly was one of our first projects, the Atelier507 team.

We have designed this club, located in the basement of an existing building, from scratch, according to the directions received from America. In creating this design, we wanted to get people thinking about the American film Coyote Ugly, and this was also the concept around which the franchise was created.

We had some clear directions that we needed to follow: have a bar as long as possible, an ad with Coyote Ugly as large as possible in the front, and that the whole area be divided in two – dance floor and dining area.

The biggest challenge was actually optimizing these areas so that we get as much space as possible for the bar, enough space for the tables, and that everything is put together in a pleasant, uniform and functional design.

The centerpiece, aesthetically, is the American flag at the entrance, made by us from 300 linear meters of motorcycle chain, welded on a metal sheet and airbrushed.

Given that it was one of the first interiors in Romania to have an industrial design, obviously, many items were one-of-a-kind at that time and unavailable in our country. Among them, the most impressive are: the urinals presented in the form of red lips, the natural materials such as brick, the semi-finished wood, the metal, the concrete pillars negligently painted, the barrels placed in the center of the space and the tables built on a welded pipe frame.

The Coyote Ugly project was definitely a challenge for our beginning in this field and a start toward new possibilities and perceptions in terms of interior design in Romania.


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