Year: 2016
Area (3D view): 200 sqm

The Dubai luxury translated and adapted into a 200 sqm apartment.

How do you bring quality and Eastern luxury to an apartment you call “home”? That was the desire we started from.

In a generous area of 200 sqm, we brought the glamor of Dubai, but combined with classical European accents. We chose to work with premium materials, making no compromise on quality: solid wood flooring, solid wood paneling, duropolymer plinths.

The glow of Dubai, captured in the materials used, but also in the Eastern inspired motifs, is personalized with European accents of British inspiration. The presence of chrome, shiny items, a specific element of the Arab area, is tempered by mixing it with the European style.

We have brought the atmosphere, luxury and quality found in Dubai in a generous space that meets all our customer’s needs: a dining area, a place for watching TV, a place for discussion, a kitchen, a bedroom with separate bathrooms and so on.

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