Year: 2016
Area (3D view): 360 sqm interior + 1400 sqm exterior

Interior and exterior design for 1.700 sqm

When we started to imagine what could become the 360 sqm space of a house in Otopeni, we had in front of us an unfinished building, uninhabited for over a year, with a ground floor, a first floor and an attic. An empty shell in which we basically started from scratch.

In the existing space, the owners wanted two things: as many functionalities as possible for the yard and a classic and unitary design.

On the outside, we organized the 1.400 sqm yard in a complex space covering: a lounge area with an outdoor fireplace, a kitchen with a barbecue, a dining area with a wooden pergola with fabric covered roof, a swimming pool with jacuzzi and a slide, a basketball court, an annex of the garden with a shower, a lavatory and a storage room for gardening tools, a green area.

There was no lack of classic motifs from our proposal – wrought iron fence, classic decorative window moldings, stone base in the carpentry area. Also outside, we have successfully integrated one of the challenges of this construction: a modern, metal-glass curtain wall attachment right on the facade of the property, otherwise unusual for a classic design house.

Inside, the kitchen, living room and bedroom keep classic elements with different types of marble (purple-pink, red, black, white calacatta, etc.), crystal chandeliers, and classic furniture. The space has been redistributed to make room for a gentlemen’s lounge with a bar (accessed from the living room) but also for a large dressing room (in the bedroom). In the design of this home, we combined the relatively small height of the bedroom, for example, with the owners’ desire to decorate the ceiling with several chandelier type luminaires.

We have thus managed to bring a generous space to a coherent, sophisticated and unitary design.

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