Year: 2015
Area: 117 sqm

A perfect family space built into a universe of Nordic inspiration

A space designed for the needs of a family is a challenge from the very beginning. This was also the case when designing the Greenfield apartment where the owners wanted an airy home with as many storage spaces as possible, decorated in the Nordic style.

Therefore we transformed the apartment by doubling the walls and masking the storage spaces inside the walls so they would not be intrusive. Also, to create more space, we opened the kitchen, which allowed us both to make a dining area and to create additional storage space for large appliances.

We emphasized the Nordic style by using neutral colors, with small blue touches, but also by choosing wood as the predominant material. For an extra touch of character, we reinterpreted the furniture handles in the kitchen (by choosing holes instead of handles) and designed custom-made lighting fixtures for the kitchen and bedroom.

The bed in the bedroom has been designed on a metal structure pulled inward. This gives a great aesthetic accent because the bed looks as if it’s floating but it also has a strong functional argument, allowing the heat in the floor to spread quickly and evenly throughout the entire room. Because it is a family place, we have taken into account the time parents spend with their child. That is why the bed has an oversized headboard, used as a bench where the child can sit and read in the evening, together with his parents.

The child’s bedroom, has a special design element, an urban profile, and, unlike regular bedrooms, is also designed as a playroom and study area. We built one of the walls as a washable writing board, where the child can draw as he pleases.

A space full of imagination, warm and adapted to the needs of a family – in a Nordic, minimalist design, full of character.

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