Year: 2014
Area: 130 sqm

Generous space? Too many possibilities? Focus on masculine design and simplicity

Residential projects are always special; none of them resembles the other. A house or an apartment is the mirror of the person living there, so it must reflect the personality, tastes, preferences and lifestyle of its owner.

This was also the case for this apartment in Constanta, for which the owner wanted an open, young, dynamic, modern but also practical design.

We only chose custom-made furniture with a unique table designed by us and executed by our partners. Regarding the materials used, we chose classic ones: fiberboard, solid wood and sometimes stainless-steel. The masculine line and the simplicity are also supported by the colors chosen, generally shades of gray with small accents of stronger colors such as red.

In a space such as a blank piece of paper – that challenges you through the countless possibilities you have – we maintained a classic, clear, focused on functionality direction with a design that highlights the volumes of the space.


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