Year: 2015

Area: aproximativ 1850 sqm

Maximum results with a tight budget

A three-star hotel in the Saturn resort, for which the request was to redecorate the reception desk and 110 rooms of approximately 300. Basically, this was a two-stage project: the first mentioned previously, and the second one for the remaining rooms, which we decorated using the same project.

The biggest challenge was to succeed in redecorating and creating a furniture design slightly different from the stereotypical hotel room, for a large area and with a tight budget.

To optimize the costs, we requested offers from many furniture manufacturers, therefore managing to obtain the best deals for the allocated budget.

In terms of color, we created a vibrant atmosphere in the rooms, relying on complementary colors and wood, without crowding the space, using only the necessary pieces of furniture.

For the reception desk, we took the volume and geometric shapes of the ceiling as an advantage and we transformed them by inserting LED strip lights into the structure. We managed to use the space to the maximum, the reception desk becoming a large and prominent area.

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