Year: 2017

Decorated area: about 300 sqm

Transforming a space of industrial buildings into a dual purpose: canteen and pub

When we took over the Kondica Social Lunch project, for us, it was a challenge because that without having a brand, we had to find the perfect design solution.

We disposed of a hall of a former industrial building with an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters, which was about to be renovated and transformed into a double-purpose space: a pub and a canteen. Having already this space background, together with the beneficiary, we decided to choose a concept that follows the lines of industrial design. So we introduced all the tipical elements of the industrial design, starting from the flooring made of a concrete-like tile, to the luminaires and the orangery doors. We finished all the walls with gypsum board, finishing and painting them in gray up to the maximum height of 7.65 m. On the supporting pillars made of concrete, we applied the curved sheet and the corners were covered with pieces of metal frame .

In order to optimize the space we have built up. It was originally designed for an office space and locker room, but we eventually increased its size and created table space, guest toilets, desks, cloakrooms, and the shower rooms of our employees.

Another big issue was the fitting of the cooker hood in the kitchen space, located on the ground floor, under the gutter, which was even harder to fit because of the difficulty to let the ducts pass through it. In the bar area we used a blackboard paint on the main wall, leaving its decoration free to our beneficiary who can personalize it according to the event.

Thus, in 5 months and with a maximum optimized budget, we managed to create a multifunctional space: behind the entrance couch we have the orchard panels that are meant to separate the daytime lunch area, while the evening can be left down, with the entire pub being exclusive.

Our main objective, just like all the other projects we work on, was to focus on creating a customer experience, so that Kondica Social Lunch is not just another local among hundreds of great locals in Bucharest. I wanted this concept to be a fresh piece of interior design, especially from a canteen’s perspective.

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