Year: 2016
Area: 550 sqm

The radical transformation of one of the most famous clubs in Bucharest

The challenges of running a commercial space like that of a club are countless, and the existence of access and evacuation areas in case of fire and other disasters is a priority. The transformation of Kulturhaus, without a doubt one of the best-known clubs in Bucharest, has considered this.

The basement (the actual club), the ground floor and the first floor were therefore refurbished to comply with the evacuation rules in place, to provide easy access and free movement. To this regard, besides totally redoing the evacuation staircase, all the facilities (electrical, sanitary, ventilation) were also reconsidered and repositioned. A new terrace in the upper part of the building was also designed. Everything was done with great care given the age and the level of resistance of the entire construction.

In terms of design, there were only small changes. The industrial look has been kept but we have refreshed it with more durable furniture and have developped stepped rows of seats, instead of the older armchairs or sofas.

Kulturhaus was a complex project with extensive construction work and great results.

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