Year: 2015
Area: 72 sqm

Inspired by nature, with a splash of color

A 2 bedroom apartment, transformed with a 10.000 Euro budget.

Located in the Greenfield residential complex, completely finished at the beginning of the project and with a generous space, the young couple who was going to live there wanted a touch of color and style in a space that would meet all their needs and would represent them.

The kitchen and living area have become one open space, the 2 existing bedrooms have been transformed into one, thereby being able to create space for a dressing room. Because artificial light plays an important role in interior design, by highlighting the decorations, we have decided to intervene, to a small extent, on the electrical installations, therefore making it possible for us to position the lights as we wanted.

We have kept the hardwood floor that was already in the apartment, we refreshed the painting on the walls with a premium quality washable paint and for most of the project we focused strictly on the decoration part, all the furniture being custom-made. We replaced the bathroom and kitchen wall tiles with a Moroccan style patchwork, for a touch of color.

Three weeks after the start of the project, the young couple could move into their new home, an apartment that shows their passion for travelling, from the simple furniture inspired by nature, continuing with the few Mediterranean accents, to the minimalist couch with a powerful visual impact. All this has been put together, forming a free space, meant to relax them, to get them into the atmosphere and the quiet of the nature.

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