Year: 2016

Area (3D view): 12 sqm

How did the unique concept and design of the only Romanian shoes stand arise?

We have all seen the stands inside the malls: usually with glasses, bags, cosmetics, etc. But have you seen a shoe stand yet? We have created the concept of what is probably the only stand of this kind in Romania.

Veronesse wanted a luxury stand that could be set in any kind of commercial space. Creating such an island is generally a challenge, but one in which the shoes are displayed, tried on and stored was an even greater one.

To highlight the brand’s premium line, we adopted a yacht theme, using colors and materials that remind us of a cruise ship: from glass and wood to the predominant white. The shape of the stand itself makes you think at the back of a yacht.

From a functional point of view, we have thought of a large space in which you can move easily, no congestion is created, but which can also be perfectly secured overnight.

An innovative idea, but we also made sure it is perfectly functional for our retail area.

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