Year: 2012

Area: aproximativ 300 sqm

Texan-style design in Constanta

This is a project we took over from scratch, the only elements kept being the fireplace and the flooring.

All the furniture pieces and the ceiling are custom-made, wanting to create a typical Texan restaurant, the doors being designed in the region-specific cowboy style.

The animal heads are made of plaster, therefore wanting to obtain the idea of a trophy room, without creating a gruesome atmosphere.

In the back of the restaurant we built a wall out of birch sections and we restored the table and the phonograph found inside and included them as part of the new design.

At the entrance, in the lobby, we decorated the walls with a world map, each country name being replaced by the representative beer brand.

The challenge was to create a place for as many people as possible, but at the same time to have privacy in an open space. Also, we wanted to create harmony between the many decorative items, therefore avoiding the undesired overloading of the areas.

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