Timesquare by Cellini – Mall Promenada

Year: 2013
Area: 70 mp

Coordination to the second in designing a jewelry store in a Bucharest shopping mall

Timesquare, a jewelry brand belonging to Cellini, has brought us all the challenges of a store designed in a mall that was opening at just that time: the need for perfect coordination, working against the clock and adapting to a space still under construction.

At the concept level, the focus was on creating routes inside the store so people can walk without encountering any obstacles or hitting each other. The products were placed in the center of attention by creating some towers, modular spaces in which the jewelries were displayed, an option we chose instead of creating one single space for all the products to be displayed.

Technically, we were also conditioned by the official opening of the mall, which required us to constantly adapt to the conditions of the entire space.

Together with our partners from Hippos who took over the design concept, we completed the Timesquare project in no more than 3 weeks.

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