Year: 2016
Area: 200 sqm

A duplex designed to be a complex space with many functionalities

Duplexes are as interesting as they are demanding spaces sometimes, especially when you want your home to integrate as many functionalities as possible; to include a gym, a music studio, a bar, a laundry room, 4 bathrooms, etc.

Even if we had a generous space overall, the challenges were there. We have rethought the space, reorienting for example the positioning of the kitchen. We also redesigned the electrical, sanitary and thermal installations, with freedom of movement due to the fact that the building was still under construction.

In terms of design, the beneficiaries wanted to get the impression of an urban space, without industrial accents, but luxurious ones, given by the quality of the materials, but also by the decorative objects chosen (for example, the paintings). The colors used were generally black and white, with turquoise accents – the staircase, the door of the master bedroom, the bar leg. Passionate about music, the owner also wanted a room to act as a small sound proof recording studio, which reproduces the very idea of playing a guitar inside a guitar.

We rose to the challenge of this space also through some very clever tricks. For example, we have solved the problem of insufficient natural light by creating extra windows; but because they were located very high in the attic, we also put an automatic opening and closing system with a strong wind and rain detector. We also integrated in the design a concrete piece that was part of the building’s structure and which we could not remove, dressing it in an artificial green garden with a very realistic wallpaper (25,000 pixels image) so that we can bring a bit of nature inside the house.

We have succeeded in transforming a duplex into a complex, multi-functional space in which we have returned all the challenges of the place in favor of the customer.

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