An: 2016

Area: 121 sqm (showroom + offices)

Manly design for the only online watch store dedicated to men

When one of the most famous watch shops in Romania brings the challenge to reflect on its new positioning and design, you know you’ve got an ambitious project there. That’s what happened when WatchShop, at that time the only online watch store dedicated to men, hired us to design their new space, used both as a headquarters and as a showroom.

In retail, things are simple: the more products you display, the more you sell. Especially when we talk about watches, people need to see them as good as possible – this direct contact is part of the buying experience.

So we wanted to highlight the true stars of the showroom, the watches. Although we did not have a very large space to work with, we maximized the display area through design and found lighting solutions that put the spotlight – literally – on the WatchShop products.

We chose to go with an industrial style that best translates the position of the brand, thus emphasizing the masculine line through the less finished elements, through the apparent negligence, intentionally created to fit into the concept.

With a minimum budget, we have brought both aesthetic and functional plus to the space, just as important to its purpose.

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